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Monday, 25 May 2015

Lush (Oxford Street Exclusive) Bath Bombs. Review

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Lush (Oxford Street Exclusive) Bath Bombs. Review
Hi Bunnies!
In my last blog post i told you that i visited London for the very first time. I promised that i would review the 3 bath bombs from the Lush store at Oxford Street which i brought. Here it is! :)

The Oxford Street exclusive bath bombs were the "Experimenter" and "Frozen".

I also decide to try the "Honey Bee" which is not a exclusive but it got recommended me by a member of staff.

Here are my views on each bath bomb...

The Experimenter

The experimenter is the most visually exciting as it has many bright colours and glittery parts which smells of warm cinnamon (delicious!).

When i placed the bath bomb into the bath water, a mesmerising display of multi coloured layers spin, fizz and dissolve in your bath tub right in front of your eyes. It's mesmerising to watch.
When the water settles a disappointing black with a pink undertones is left for your body to soak in. The huge amount of glitter was off putting for me. I wasn't a fan of this result at all.

After emptying the water i had to clean the bath out with a liquid soap and scrub with a brush to remove the glitter. This is something which i don't particularly find relaxing after a bath or what i want to be doing.

I had so much sparkle on my skin i thought to myself "this is how it feels to be Bella Swan from the film Twilight"

The smell was good but it didn't last long as i had to have a shower straight afterwards to wash all of glitter off.


Frozen was my favourite bath bomb out of the three that i brought. I love when the bath bomb instantly touches the water it spins and fizzes a cold baby blue and ice white colourings with a hint of shimmer. This bath bomb reveals a Arctic paradise when your bath water settles.

My Instagram was going crazy from this picture (click here to view)

Honey Bee 
A mixture of honey, aloe vera and rhassoul mud to soften the skin. It's good for your body as it's very cleansing and soothing however, my hair didn't approve so my advice would be to tie it up out of the way when soaking in this bath bomb.

Let me know in the comments below if you've tried any of these bath bombs.

Bunny Hugs,



Wednesday, 20 May 2015

First London Visit.

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First London Visit.
Hi Bunnies!

On Wednesday 13th May 2015 i visited London for the very first time on my own. My goal was to film around London St Pancras train station and Oxford Street as much as possible :)

London is a absolutely massive city and i think that if you don't know where you are going then it's easy to get lost and confused.

After arriving at Oxford Street (using the underground with my new Oyster card!), i decided to stop for a coffee break at Costa first to calm my nerves. I then walked up and down Oxford street to get my bearings and i felt much more comfortable.

The shops i visited were BHS, Urban Outfitters, New Look, Lush, Disney and Subway for a sandwich stop.

Here are the photographs i took :-

New Look

I was quite surprised when i couldn't find the plus size section called "Inspire" in the store. The directions said clearly on the second floor but i couldn't see any clothes anywhere.

Comment below if i'm wrong.


I don't usually shop in Topshop because i'm a plus sized curvy goddess and they don't make clothes to fit that type of woman. However, i do browse for accessories and make up. The mannequins looked so life like (nearly Madam Tussauds standard. Impressive!)

Disney Store

If you don't know that i'm a Disney fan by now then, where have you been?.The Disney store is my favourite shop of all time. The Oxford Street store has so many gorgeous statues and details. I thought the Cinderella display was breath taking.
I've been invited...offically!
Selfie with my second favourite princess (Ariel is number 1)

This store is why i wanted to go to London so much in the first place. I saw the new Lush store advertised on twitter a few weeks ago (hashtag #lushoxfordstreet).

The Oxford street store is 3 levels full of Lush goodies and it reminds me of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory (but for bath bombs!).

On the bottom floor is a spa, ground floor is for hair/skin products and the top floor (which is the best floor) is for bath bombs.

I love the sinks how they are full of bathbombs for demonstration the colours are beautiful (and Instagram worthy! click HERE to go to my Instagram) 

I purchased 3 bath bombs which were Honey Bee, The Experimenter and Frozen (the last two you can only buy exclusively from the Oxford Street store!) I will write a review in a separate blog post. 

Coming soon!

(I don't know how i only brought 3, i must have good self restraint)
Bunny Hugs,



Thursday, 7 May 2015


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Hi Bunnies.
I'm a bag fan of the company Bravissimo. I've brought Bravissimo's bras for past 5 years and the reason why is because the bras are stylish and comfortable. Bravissimo specialise in sizes D cup and above with a maximum back size of 40. In the year of 2009 when i discovered the company and i got my boobs measured. I found out that i was wearing the wrong bra size (two cup sizes too small!) and i didn't feel confident in clothes. However, since i have been wearing Bravissimo underwear i feel (and look) like a brighter, more confident woman.

I think it's very important to get your boobs properly measured because buying the wrong bra size can give you terrible back ache and it's not good for your boobs either (they don't like being squished!) . 

Because i'm now wearing the right bra size, i feel more confident in my body and also in clothes.

My personal experience with Bravissimo bras is that they usually last for around 2 years. I always take good care of my bras by hand washing them in cold water with a little bit of liquid soap. I think that if you want your bra to look after your boobs, then you have to look after your bra.

My current bras were looking quite worn out so i decided to pop in the store at Nottingham to treat myself.

All of the sales assistants are always friendly and keen to help to find your perfect fit and bra.

changing rooms! with a silk robe while you try the underwear on

I wanted to share with you my recent purchases from the latest spring collection :-

Lily Bra and brief pant (in Aqua) by Lepel.

Starry Eyed Bra and thong (in electric blue) by Bravissimo. 

Leave me a comment and let me know if you shop at Bravissimo too!

Bunny Hugs,



Monday, 4 May 2015

University Of Nottingham. Highfields Park. Blossom Trees

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University Of Nottingham. Highfields Park. Blossom Trees
Hi Bunnies.
My favourite place in Nottingham this time of year is Highfields park at the University of Nottingham.
The reason why is because all of the blossom trees are in bloom and it looks beautiful. My hayfever doesn't stop me taking photographs and enjoying the park. I wanted to show you around in this blog post.

beautiful blossoms

At Highfields there is Lakeside art gallery and a boating lake. 

Lakeside art Gallery
Boating Lake

Have you ever been to Highfields park before? Let me know in the comments below! or tell me what places you like to go to when it's spring.

I hope that you have had a great bank holiday.

Bunny Hugs,