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Thursday, 8 November 2018

Max & More Maximum Volumizing Mascara Review

Hi everyone
I visited my local Home Bargains recently and I found a budget friendly cruelty free make up range called Max & More. All of their products retail at 99p which is very affordable.
They have a wide range of make up on offer to buy. There were lipsticks, lipglosses, face powder, mascara and eyeshadows.
I thought that I would try the maximum volumizing mascara as I had run out of my staple mascara which is the Soap And Glory "Thick & Fast" mascara. For 99p I thought that it's worth giving it a go.
The Max and More mascara has a rubber multi functional brush for an oversized lash effect and it comes in black sleek packaging with white and rose gold lettering. My first impressions are that I don't think it looks budget friendly at all. I think it looks quite sophisticated. The mascara design is reminds me of Max Factor which is a brand that I don't use anymore as they unfortunately test on animals.
On the back of the packaging it has a bunny logo to confirm that it's cruelty free which I love.
I like how the bottle and the wand come separately so if you wanted to use a different brush then you can. When I applied the mascara for the first time I noticed there is various sizes of bristles around the wand to capture every single lash. You have to find which section of the brush suits you.  I used the smaller bristles as the big bristles transfered the formula onto my face.
The wand is thick and easy to hold when applying the formula.
I'm impressed with the formula because it lengthens and thickens the lashes very well.  What I notice when using cheaper mascaras is that the formula can feel quite sticky and irritable to my eyes. This formula feels very comfortable to wear. There is no transfer onto my face after wearing it for a couple of hours. Success!
Overall I think it's a great mascara for the price and I'd recommend it.
I'd like to try more Max & More products in the future. It's important to support brands like these so that they make more products and expand their range.
Bunny Hugs

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